What can a recruitment agency do for me?


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US unemployment rate for September 2017 was 4.2% – the lowest it’s been since 2000, which was 4.0%. Slightly below the national average, Minnesota’s preliminary August 2017 unemployment rate was 3.8% – lower than 35 other states. Translation: There are more available jobs than people to fill them. Seems great if you are a recent college graduate looking to start your career in an entry-level role, right? Not necessarily…

A plethora of open positions can be overwhelming. Applicants find themselves questioning what type of role they want…in what industry…in what city…for how much money. The process of elimination can be endless. Even though there are less people applying for more jobs, employers aren’t easing up on their requirements or desire to find a quality candidate. You need to be as competitive as ever in today’s market. This is where a recruitment agency comes into play and helps get your foot in the door largely in part due to the following:

  • A job placement agency, like Career Professionals, offers a coach driven process. This approach engages the candidate during every step from the initial outreach to accepting the job. A candidate’s time at CPI is spent with a recruiter who reviews your resume, strategizes various career opportunities, prepares you for interviews, receives feedback, and works towards perfecting your personal brand. We aim to answer some of those pesky questions the applicant finds themselves contemplating regarding their future career.
  • Another benefit of using a staffing agency is knowing that they have proven results recruiting. An established client relationship requires quality talent and long-term placements, which leads to high level of client retention. CPI is still collaborating today with our very first client from nearly 29 years ago! Read testimonials from several of our clients and candidates to see the impact Career Professionals has had on the Twin Cities business market for yourself!
  • Our team of expert recruiters go to bat for the candidate when push comes to shove. We do this by continually showing your resume to the employer(s) that you have interest in interviewing with. This is someone who is actually in charge of hiring at the company, not a generic inbox or black hole applicant tracking system. Our recruiters also have the ability to influence an employer’s first impression of a candidate post interview. Your recruiter invested time into getting to know you. Your strengths, desires, weaknesses, and passions can be further highlighted or explained by a recruiter to your future employer. If the hiring manager at your dream job is on the fence, we can provide the reason why they should give you a chance and extend the job offer.

No matter where you are in your job search, recruitment agencies can kick start your future. When you aren’t sure where to get started or how to be competitive in your job search, you can turn to an expert in the industry. Why aren’t you getting interviews? Is your resume perfect? Are you getting turned down after every interview? Did you close the interviewer? Are you getting the offer? Let CPI answer those questions for you and turn your job search into a job offer.

To learn more about how Career Professionals can help you find a job, visit our website http://www.gocpi.com or email your resume to resumes@gocpi.com to meet with a recruiter.

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