Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?


Career Professionals. 28 years of business. Hundreds of employers. Thousands of placed candidates. Tens of thousands of prepped candidates. These numbers highlight the success of Career Professionals and attest to the experience of the Company’s employees. Located in Edina, MN, we work mainly with the business community in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Our specialty is placing recent college graduates who have less than five years of experience into entry-level to mid-level, business related roles across various industries. These include technology, software, staffing/recruiting, sports, education, creative, and general business. For a complete listing of our open positions, visit www.gocpi.com/jobs. You’ll find business development, sales, marketing, customer service, administrative, finance, and management roles.

Deb Krueger Knight, our President & CEO, has shaped CPI into the company it is today. She has done this through countless hours of dedication, persistence, and passion. Growing up on a hobby farm with a father who had his own business, Deb gained an entrepreneurial spirit and knew she wanted to be her own boss one day. After graduating from Augsburg University with a degree in Social Work, she went on to work for an employment agency for seven and a half years prior to founding CPI. She decided to start her own business after obtaining some experience in the industry with the hopes of creating an ethical, fulfilling environment. Her goals for the company were to be a good boss, make a good living, and maximize her skill set. The vision for CPI remains the same today as it did day one – to make changes in the recruitment industry and help candidates find employment. The only difference now is CPI has a larger impact on the business community by reaching more people. Career Professionals sees results in allowing someone who might not get the job on their own, to get the job with the help of a recruiter.

After 35 years in the recruitment industry, Deb would tell an applicant to be creative and look at all your options! Don’t prejudge an opportunity. Be flexible – know that your first job is most likely not your perfect job. A candidate needs to be open-minded and see that their first job provides experience and acts as a stepping stone to get to your dream job. When matching a candidate with an employer, we look at more than your background. Chemistry, similar values, and similar goals play an important role. It’s not as simple as filling a role based off a resume, an employer can do that own their own. Career Professionals provides quality candidates when an employer doesn’t know where to look or have the time to screen applicants.

Working alongside Deb are nine individuals who excel at recruiting, business development, account management, marketing, and administrative tasks. Our VP has 25 years of experience at CPI under his belt, and our newest recruiter has been with CPI for a couple of months. This range allows the recruiters with less experience to learn from the experts and absorb as much information as they can to become a rockstar at our recruitment agency. While our experience levels vary greatly, one thing that remains constant is our passion to help individuals with their job search and find a career that meets their criteria. We can do this by investing our time and resources into each individual candidate and following the example set by our leadership team. To learn more about who we are and our mission, visit www.gocpi.com/about.

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